All in one place

We are not just software developers; we can offer much more. Beside ERP software solutions, our comprehensive offer includes also hardware, consulting regarding software solution optimization, user support, maintenance and more.

Comprehensive offer

Avoid more support centers and various account managers. Have one number to call for all your issues related to IT. We know how to help you and we do it fast and good.

Integration is an advantage

Dou you already have software solution that covers the core of your business? We can provide you with specialized solution that your existing system doesn’t cover. Furthermore, our solutions can be completely integrated with your existing solution.

Knowledge in business processes

Through more than 26 years long tradition we successfully implemented and completed more than 1000 projects. We gained priceless experiences and knowledge that is incorporated into our solution.

What can we offer?

Software solutions for various industries

We can offer software solutions that are based on knowledge and experiences gained from different industries through our 26 years-long tradition. Solutions can cover only specific part of your business or the whole process.

Consulting on optimization of software solutions

When you decide for the implementation of our software solution as your central ERP system or for specific part of your business, we consult you how to optimize your solution and improve operations.

Hardware with maintenance

Within our comprehensive offer, we can provide you with hardware that you need for your business operation in smaller scale. Additionally, we offer installation and maintenance in case of breakdowns.

Integration with central ERP

Do you use MS Navision or SAP as your central ERP system? Do you need solution only for specific part of your business that is not covered by your central ERP? We can provide you with specialized solution and connect it to your central ERP.

Microsoft services and products

As Microsoft partner we can provide you with broad assortment of Microsoft Office products and other services within Azure Cloud.

System flexibility

Do you need specific solution that can not be found on the market? Our solutions are totally flexible and can be adjusted to your specific needs. You don’t need to adjust your business process to meet system requirements, let us adjust the system to meet your requirements.

Let’s have a discussion about your specific needs!