Modernize your production with high-quality and adjustable solution for manufacturing firms. Connect each part of your business into comprehensive ERP system and upgrade the solution with web-based solution for planning and analysing.

Small, but still innovative

Zagotovite si moderno obrtniško proizvodnjo, s poudarkom na spremljanju materialnih zalog in vrednotenjem porabe materiala.

Make one step further

Make your production more innovative – Implement technological procedures, track the material consumption and calculate the cost price for each product.

Comprehensive approach for bigger firms

Modernize your complete production with automation of production processes, technological procedures, operational tasks tracking, machine communication and more.

Features that will amaze you

Fully adjustable

The whole system is built in a way that allows full adjustability to your specific needs and to production procedures.

Individual approach

Fast responsiveness, highly competent and individual approach are main characteristics of our support team.

Integrity is the key advantage

Complete ERP solution for manufacturing firms includes everything that your business needs. From accounting to production planning, operational tasks tracking and more. Avoid using more solution and increase your efficiency.

We know how to support your competitive advantage

Do you want a system that supports your competitive advantage?

Don’t worry about specifics in your production process. The best solution for you is the one that can adjust for those specifics. The most functionalities in our solution are flexible and can be adjusted for your specific needs. Ability to keep a competitive advantage is the key factor for a future success.

Don’t worry about the infrastructure

You don’t have your own infrastructure?

No problem, you can choose between hosting and implementation on premises. All you need when choosing hosting, is computer and internet connection. You can avoid initial investment and let us worry about back-up.

Doing business carefree

Do you want to focus on important things?

Within our maintenance service that we provide for our clients, we offer full support through e-mail, phone or at premises. Additionally, all upgrades, law requirements and smaller adjustments are included. If you want to focus solely on important things, let us worry about your IT.

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